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  This is a fan fiction about the group's members and how they got to be who they are (sliceolife/resolutions)

Chase woke up in a heavy sweat, he licked at his dry mouth and sat up. He looked at the clock, it read; 2:19, he remembered the agonizing dream, and his story. Chase went to the bathroom to freshen up a bit, he went to the restroom, and stopped at the sink, he looked at the pup in the mirror. That dog looked so much stronger than he was, he looked like he didn't have bad dreams, he looked like he didn't have a story like his. Then at that moment Chase was overcome by a memory:

Chase was born as the runt of the litter, in an army breeder's cage in the middle of the night. He was vigorously licked by his mother then he found a nipple and suckled at it, he had 2 sisters and 1 other brother, of whom were all stronger than him and eager to get food even more so. From day one they were taught to be ruthless killers that only had one objective; kill who they want you to. And about one week from birth he had already had a sister taken away to be a breeding dog and a gateway to a new generation of killers. So that left him with a sister and a brother who clung him and one another as they were taken through this nightmare of a childhood, then at three weeks they were weened from his mother so she could have another litter. It was a heartbreaking process, she fought with the people, cursing at them and telling us she loved us. "Stop, please!" His mother screamed, "they are my children! Let me go you sons of b******!!! Remember, my kin, I will always love you!" She repeated the same sayings over and over again, biting, scratching, yelling, pleading, until the last thing they heard from their mother was sobbing and a man yelling, put a mussel on her. Then it was just the three of them crying, sobbing, and scratching at the door in hopes that their cries could go straight through the it and kill the men that did this horrible thing to their mother. Then after the crying and yelling stopped they found theirselves at different corners of the room they were whimpering, but Chase only heard one other pup. In the morning Chase found his brother in his own pool of blood, his brother bit at his stomach until he started bleeding, until death took him from suffering.

Then Chase felt his knees buckle and his mouth gasp for air only to eject a cry,
"It is so unfair that my brother got to die," Chaise said. "Why didn't I have the stomach to end myself?" He cried for several minuets and then crawled over to the toilet and vomited. Afterwards he got up, feeling a little better,he wiped the tears, washed his paws, brushed his teeth and splashed water in his face. And looked into the mirror again, I looked at my eyes and found them to be rather bloodshot. Then Chase walked into the bedroom and looked at the clock on his end table that read; 2:23. Chase smirked at the clock, it seemed like he was in the bathroom for an hour. However, he did not feel like going to sleep at all, so he walked over to the light switch and turned on the lights. Chase blinked at the light for a second then looked around at his blue room, he walked over to his television and turned it on to the weather channel, then he layed on his bed and listened to the forecasts and felt like a ten pound weight had been lifted off of his chest and his brain. He proceeded with his childhood memories.

A sickness swept their confined building, killing many in the pound but not each other. After the sickness the drought of food and water nipped at our sanity, but they made it through. His sister and him would take turns at who gets the food what day for almost a month. Until one day his sister and Chase had grown a lot and we were to be trained later that week, an unfamiliar smell invaded my nostrils and a roaring and crackling sound spun in the air. Soon afterwards a man unlocked our confinements and we ran out of the tan room we had been in for all their lives, with the occasional event of training and exircize, down a hallway, and out a door into cold, brisk, winter air. His natural instinct was to run and his sister followedhim, they ran, and ran until they were far from that terrible place. But they quickly realized that they had to hunt for their food, they almost starved in the process, and a few days later the pair stumbled across Adventure Bay. Where they were quickly caught and brought to a real pound. That was when a short boy named Ryder found him.

Chase turned off the TV and  the lights then walked down the halway and into his rescuer's room and whispered to him. "Ryder, Ryder, are you awake?"

"Yeah, what's wrong, Chase?" Ryder said groggily.

"I had a bad dream, can I sleep with you?"


Thanks for reading!
I will come out with Marshall's sob story next


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galecrescent98 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Are you still doing the story I requested? Is just that it has been a while since I asked and I must know if you are still doing it. I'm asking because now I have more free time and I would like to know how is it going or if I should do it myself.